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There are 3 levels to becoming a Certified Ross Floral Instructor®. The Bob Ross Floral Painting Technique® allows you to paint beautiful flowers, roses, poppies,daisies, sunflowers, irises, hibiscus, leaves and much more. Like Bob’s wet-on-wet landscape method, the floral style lets you complete a painting in a very short amount of time, with no previous experience.

The tools used to paint Bob Ross flowers are very different from those used for landscapes. The oil colors are much creamier and softer than the firm landscape paints, the floral brushes are much smaller and precise.

It is extremely important not to alter or substitute floral products for landscape products, or visa versa. Only the proper tools will produce the various effects needed to paint this technique.

After each level you will receive your certificate on the last day, Friday, in the wrap up session. The final is level 3 when you become a fully fledged CRFI Certified Ross® Floral Instructor

Florals certification class & Refresher course

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