Have a try, take a one-day workshop!
Landscape is the best known Bob Ross technique but floral and wildlife classes will also be scheduled
The workshop include a specific project with all materials supplied, (CHF 250 per workshop) or come with your own materials (CHF 150 per workshop).
Come and test the best-known of the Bob Ross® techniques, using wide brushes and spatulas! The technique is easy, and the results are spectacular!

1/2 day and full day workshops on demand

2018 Workshop

Bob Ross® Landscape Certification Class & Refresher Course
NEXT COURSES Landscape Level One

February 23rd-27th 2018

April 27th May 1st 2018

June 15th-19th 2018

August 24th-28th

NEXT COURSES Landscape Level Two

March 23rd-27th 2018

May 25th-29th 2018

July 27th-31st 2018

September 14th-18th 2018

NEXT COURSE Landscape Level Three

October 22nd-26th 2018

Niouc (VS), Switzerland

Reservations for level 3 as soon as possible (having completed levels 1 & 2).
The venue is in an idyllic situation with accommodation on site for a modest sum ( less than a normal hotel fee ! ). Wonderful views of the Swiss Alpes all around us.


June 26th - July 5th 2018

For the First Time in Poland, Mazura:
(Level 1 certificate must be presented)
level 2: 5 days 450 €
level 3: 5 days 450 €
Teacher-Trainer Sally Richardson from Niouc, Switzerland
Languages: primary language english, french and german also possible
All Materials (canvases, paints, brushes) need to be brought or ordered in advance.

Room and Board 50 € p.person (double room)
Transportation is to be arranged by the participants.
(Abt. 11 hours by car from e.g. Hamburg, 1 1/4 Hours flight Hamburg-Vilnius, pick-up can be arranged)
The location is beautifully situated in the mazurian lake-district immediately adjacent to the Wigry National Park.

FLOWERS and WILDLIFE all levels

Courses are available on demand !

Please, contact me to schedule a course or to have more informations.

Level 2 : 5 days 475 €

Level 3: 5 days 475 €

Board and lodging at place of venue - 83 €

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