Landscape Seminar
The Level I Landscape Seminar, taught by Bob’s personally appointed teaching staff, provides the foundation needed to develop your Bob Ross Method painting skills. Emphasis is placed on proper use of paint ing tools and on the various techniques involved with completing Bob’s landscape and seascape paintings. This is by far one of the most exciting five days you’ll ever experience.

The friends you make are for a lifetime. Issuance of Attendance Certificates takes place during the Friday wrap-up session.  The Level II Landscape Seminar is the next step. You are required to complete a Level I seminar before entering this Level II. You will work on more advanced projects to further perfect your painting skills. You will also receive special coaching on becoming an effective Bob Ross teacher, motivating beginners and correcting your students’ mistakes.

You will receive your Attendance Certificate during the Friday wrap-up session.After level 2 the final step is level 3 to become a fully fledged Certified Bob Ross® Instructor in Landscape and allowed to create your own business with workshops.

Why not carry on from level 3 landscape to do the advanced course with Ellen Tye for seascapes. ONLY those having completed the 3 levels of landscape are eligible to take part in this exciting week.

Landscape Certification Class & Refresher Course

February 23rd-27th 2018

April 27th May 1st 2018

June 15th-19th 2018

August 24th-28th 2018


March 23rd-27th 2018

May 25th-29th 2018

July 27th-31st 2018

September 14th-18th 2018


October 22nd-26th 2018

Niouc (VS), Switzerland

Reservations for level 3 as soon as possible (having completed levels 1 & 2).
The venue is in an idyllic situation with accommodation on site for a modest sum ( less than a normal hotel fee ! ). Wonderful views of the Swiss Alpes all around us.
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