Wildlife Seminar
Through painting you will discover in yourself a greater awareness of the beauty of nature. The Bob Ross wildlife certification classes, in 3 levels give you a wonderful chance to capture and reproduce paintings easy to teach in workshops.

The friends you make during your certification seminars are for a lifetime.

You will receive special coaching on becoming an effective Bob Ross® Instructor, motivating beginners and correcting your students mistakes.
There are special products, how-to packets and videos to give you the means to create beautiful wildlife paintings for yourself and your workshops once you’re a fully fledged CRWI (Certified Ross Wildlife Instructor®)

There is a unique line of brushes, paints and accessories just for Bob Ross® Wildlife Painting
Unless otherwise indicated, don’t try to use other paints or tools for this technique. His wildlife supplies are indeed different, they’ve been developed especially for creating furry friends.

Wildlife certification class & Refresher course

April 14 to 18, 2019

NEXT COURSE Level Two and Three
to be determined for July /August

Courses available on demand. Please contact me for more informations.

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